Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

The common causes of tooth loss include injury and illness, but sometimes can be due to poor oral health. Thankfully, we live in a time where technology and innovation have allowed us…

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The Benefits Of Straight Teeth

There are plenty of advantages to having straight teeth beyond having a picture-perfect smile. Sure, having properly aligned pearly whites work wonders on one’s self-esteem and confidence. Straight teeth are not just…

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Starting Orthodontic Treatment Is Sweeter In The Summer

Patients new to braces will need ample time to recover and adjust to the new appliance and this is why the summer break is the best time to bust them out. Orthodontists…

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Retainers In Orthodontics: “How Long Do I Have To Wear These Things?!”

The process of correcting your teeth’s alignment does not end when the braces come off. A retainer will be fitted to your teeth for the purpose of reinforcing the newly created position….

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Life With Braces: Going On Vacation? Remember These Simple Tips!

Just because you’re on a vacation doesn’t mean your braces care regimen should take a break, too! On the contrary, because you will likely be exposed to different foods and drinks while you’re…

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Do Braces Cause TMJ?

TMJ, which is short for Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder, is a joint condition that is commonly associated with either hearing a clicking sound when you open or close your mouth or pain…

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Best Foods To Eat As A New Braces Patient

new braces patient

You may feel some minor and short-term discomfort after you get your new braces. Don’t worry, as any discomfort or soreness will go away shortly and you will back to your normal…

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Top Ways To Ensure You And Your Braces Have A Good Relationship


Having braces entails being extra mindful of your oral hygiene. Because you have introduced a foreign and semi-fixed body into your mouth, you want to ensure that your braces have a healthy…

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What Are Orthodontic Elastics (Rubber Bands) And How Do They Work

orthodontic elastics

Orthodontic elastics, also called rubber bands for braces, are applied to the wire to improve and maintain the alignment of the bite and teeth during the entire treatment process. They apply pressure…

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Are Self-Ligating Braces Better Than Conventional Braces?

self-ligating braces

Many orthodontists prefer to use self-ligating braces over the conventional models for many reasons. While both serve the same purpose — aligning the teeth — there are benefits to the more modern…

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