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How To Stay Cavity-Free With Braces

Can You Get Cavities With Orthodontic Braces

Can Orthodontic Braces Prevent Cavities? Traditional orthodontic braces make it easier for food debris to get stuck in your teeth after you eat. Those food particles could turn into plaque and bacteria…

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Emergency Care for Orthodontics

Orthodontic Emergency Care

At first, your braces and orthodontic care may take a little longer to get used to. It is not surprising to undergo a little soreness when your braces are first applied or…

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Spacers for Braces

Spacers are tiny rubber or metal pieces that your orthodontist uses to prepare your teeth for braces. How do they work? Does it hurt when the orthodontist puts them in? What Are…

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Parts of Braces: The Wire

The wires that hold your braces together are called archwires. There are two archwires, one for your top arch (or top teeth) and another for your bottom arch (bottom teeth). These wires…

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Parts of Braces: Brackets

Brackets are the most important part of traditional braces. They hold the wires that move the teeth and correct the patient’s bite. Nowadays, there are many types of brackets to choose from….

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How to Floss with Braces

When you have braces, regular flossing is more important than ever. But flossing with braces can be difficult. Trying to keep the gaps between the brackets and wires clean can take a…

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Toothache While Wearing Braces

Orthodontic treatments can definitely cause some pain. These usually come in the form of tooth sensitivity, pain in the gums, soreness in the jaw, and residual bleeding. But when you experience toothache…

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How Orthodontic Rubber Bands Work

There are two types of elastics used in orthodontics. The first kind, called ligatures, is the tiny colorful one that holds the wires of your braces in place. Your orthodontist replaces the…

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Post-Braces Orthodontic Tips To Retain Your Amazing Smile

You’ve spent years with braces. Now that they’re gone, you can enjoy your amazing smile. But make sure you keep up with a post-braces orthodontic plan. Post-Braces Orthodontic Phase During this phase,…

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Do You Need Second Time Braces?

After years of having braces, you might think everything is over. You already have the perfect smile. But second time braces are definitely possible. There are cases wherein the same patient has…

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