You’ve spent years with braces. Now that they’re gone, you can enjoy your amazing smile. But make sure you keep up with a post-braces orthodontic plan.

Post-Braces Orthodontic Phase

cleaning teeth with retainerDuring this phase, you’ll have to wear retainers to keep your teeth in place. Without retainers, your teeth may slowly shift back to their original positions.

All the years of pain and discomfort may lead to nothing. You’d have to get back to phase one.

That said, here are our tips to ensure your amazing smile is maintained after braces:

Wear Your Retainers

If you were given removable retainers, make sure you wear it during recommended hours. You should also wear it for a given amount of time. You can only stop wearing your retainers if you were given the go signal.

Maintain Your Retainers

Your retainer should always be kept clean.

Your gums could swell when your braces are off. When your retainers aren’t cleaned well, it can cause infections. Bacteria can live in your retainer and get into your gums.

This can cause several other health problems, especially when not treated immediately.

Clean Your Teeth

Regular cleaning of your teeth is perhaps the most important part of the post-braces phase. Besides toothbrush, you should also use floss and mouthwash. This ensures hard-to-reach areas are also clean.

Avoid Bad Habits

Bad habits like bruxism can shift your teeth back to its original place. If you find yourself having this habit, find ways to avoid it.


Post-brace orthodontic phase is perhaps the most important part of your treatment. Follow your dentist’s tips and ensure you’re taking good care of your dental health.