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Jaw Alignment Problem? Get Your Braces On

The jaw, like any other joint in the human body, should be able to move smoothly to perform its task properly. Incorrect jaw alignment may lead to serious problems that may include…

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Changes in Orthodontic Care: Modern Technology and Dental Science

Are dental braces still intimidating you? If the thought of pain and discomfort is the only thing that keeps you from talking to an orthodontist, then read further. Modern Technology Means Painless…

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Root Canal Treatment

We will help you get to understand this quick and effective procedure that can help save your natural tooth before it’s too late. So, what is root canal treatment? Essentially, root canal…

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Teeth Whitening After Braces

After achieving the attractive smile you have always wanted, what comes next? You may be feeling self-conscious about the uneven color of your teeth caused by months or years of wearing your…

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth And Braces: What You Should Know

Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful and impact any orthodontic treatment you get. An impacted wisdom tooth doesn’t always have to be removed, but if your dentist or orthodontist think it can…

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Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

The common causes of tooth loss include injury and illness, but sometimes can be due to poor oral health. Thankfully, we live in a time where technology and innovation have allowed us…

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What Are The Options For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can have many negative effects on our daily lives. It can affect our confidence as well as the way we speak, talk, smile, eat, and even build relationships. It can…

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What Is a Nance Appliance and When Should You Use it?

Nance appliance

Dental appliances prevent teeth from moving or to shift teeth into a the proper place. While there are several types of appliances, a Nance appliance has a very specific function and can…

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The Herbst Appliance and Jaw Alignment

When most people think about orthodontics, they tend to only think about straight teeth. But orthodontics also plays a big role in jaw function and facial appearance. The Herbst appliance, which is usually…

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Does Your Child Need a Band and Loop Appliance?

band and loop appliance

Your child’s teeth are very important as the proper oral hygiene and care can prevent oral health problems and eliminate unnecessary procedures. As children begin to lose their baby or primary teeth,…

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