Teeth stains from braces often occur after the treatment. This may be from the adhesive used to put the brackets in place. But it’s not always because of the braces.

It can also be due to bad practices when you still have braces.

How To Avoid Teeth Stains From Braces

teeth stainsHere are some ways to avoid teeth stains from braces:

Brush after eating – Your brace can trap food. It can cause tartar and plaque build-up which can cause staining. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly after eating.

Avoid certain foods – Starchy foods can cause staining. The same goes for high acid drinks like sodas. You should also avoid coffee as it’s known to stain even normal teeth.

Avoid whitening toothpaste – It may seem ironic but avoiding these can help avoid staining. That’s because it can whiten the surrounding areas of your tooth. But the part hidden by the bracket won’t be.

Floss and use mouthwash – Although you have brushed your teeth, there may still be leftover food particle. Make sure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned by flossing and using mouthwash every after brushing. Plus, it can reach areas that weren’t brushed.

Get professional cleaning – Keep up with your regular schedule with your dentist. Before getting your braces adjusted, you can also ask for cleaning. Your dentist has the right tools to reach crevices in your teeth and braces. They can ensure no food particle is left.


Overall, good oral hygiene ensures you avoid teeth stains from braces. You’ve waited long to get the perfect smile. Make sure it doesn’t go to waste with stains.