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Bad Childhood Habits That Can Lead To Crooked Teeth

What Causes Crooked Teeth

Growing up with crooked teeth can destroy your self-esteem. But sadly, our habits as children have a lot to do with how our teeth are aligned. Our teeth as children are still…

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How To Stay Cavity-Free With Braces

Can You Get Cavities With Orthodontic Braces

Can Orthodontic Braces Prevent Cavities? Traditional orthodontic braces make it easier for food debris to get stuck in your teeth after you eat. Those food particles could turn into plaque and bacteria…

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How to Maintain a Healthy Diet During Orthodontic Treatment

Safe Eating With orthodontic Braces

Food to Eat and to Avoid During Orthodontic Treatment When you have braces, you’ll have to a few minor adjustments to your diet. During the first few days after you get your…

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Improving Sleep Problems with Orthodontics

Are you having bedtime troubles? You might want to visit your orthodontist and get yourself screened. We all know that a night of good sleep is very important to keep our health…

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Orthodontist or Dentist: Which Is Your Best Option?

You have finally decided to fix your crooked teeth or bad bite but still unsure if you should go to your regular dentist or to an orthodontist. Read on and learn which…

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How a Teen’s Smile Affects Their Self-Confidence

People often say that your best accessory is your smile. Unfortunately, many people aren’t confident with their smiles. Teenagers are perhaps the most conscious about not having a smile they’re proud of…

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Brushing: Before or After Breakfast?

If there’s one constant debate when it comes to brushing teeth, it’s whether you should brush before or after breakfast. According to experts, you need to brush your teeth twice a day….

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Brush First or Floss?

Professionals often say that brushing isn’t enough. If you want to be, you also should learn how to floss. Now the question is, do you brush first or floss first? Should You…

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Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires a conscious effort. In addition to following a regular cleaning regimen, you should also watch what you eat and drink. There are certain types of…

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Studies Show Orthodontic Treatment May Improve Posture and Balance

Studies have shown that orthodontic treatment not only gives you a great smile, but can also improve your posture and balance. Researchers based in Austria and Spain have made a link between…

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