flossing with bracesWhen you have braces, regular flossing is more important than ever. But flossing with braces can be difficult. Trying to keep the gaps between the brackets and wires clean can take a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, you can use more than just the good old floss to keep your teeth and braces squeaky clean. Here are some tips for flossing with braces.

Use a floss threader

If you’re tired of struggling to get floss around and between your teeth, use a floss threader. It lets you get the floss into hard-to-reach areas without scraping your fingers on your braces. The ingenious little tool is inexpensive, disposable, and available almost everywhere toothbrushes are sold.

Use a water flosser

Water flossers shoot a narrow stream of water that is strong enough to remove food particles and other gunk between your teeth and on the gumline. While dentists don’t recommend using a water flosser in lieu of traditional floss, this is a convenient way of cleaning your teeth when you’re in a hurry. Water flossing is easy, takes less than five minutes, and even helps improve gum health.

Use dental tape

If flossing with regular floss hurts your teeth or gums, try using dental tape. Thinner than your typical floss, dental tape is spongy, smooth, and kind to your gums. Though it is ultra-thin, it’s also wider than most dental floss and can easily get all the debris between your teeth out.

Use waxed floss

Using non-wax floss when you have braces can be a nightmare. Waxed floss is less likely to catch and shred on your braces.

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