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How Long Should I Wear My Retainers?

Retainers are designed for you to wear after you have completed your orthodontic treatment. Retainers support your teeth by making sure your teeth remain in their correctly aligned into their new position….

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Retainers In Orthodontics: “How Long Do I Have To Wear These Things?!”

The process of correcting your teeth’s alignment does not end when the braces come off. A retainer will be fitted to your teeth for the purpose of reinforcing the newly created position….

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3 Tips On How to Take Care of Your Retainer

Oral hygiene is extremely important, particularly if you are wearing a retainer. A dirty retainer, whether it is fixed/permanent or removable, can cause a number of problems ranging from mouth and gum…

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Post-Braces Care: Wear your dental retainer!

dental retainer

Once orthodontic treatment has been completed, the use of a dental retainer is a very crucial part of the routine maintenance of your teeth and will go a long way toward keeping…

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Clear Aligners or Traditional Braces?

man wearing transparent clear aligners on teeth

With the development of new technologies, orthodontic treatments have greatly improved over the years as new products enable people to achieve the smile of their dreams in shorter amounts of time. There…

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What is an Orthodontic Retainer and Can It Help My Smile?

As important as the braces are, the orthodontic retainer can prevent teeth from moving and shifting after treatment is complete.  Retainers vary in type and can be used for a variety of…

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