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Wearing Braces to Improve Speech Impediment

People who lisp, slur, or have difficulty producing certain sounds are often made fun of. But did you know that some speech impediments may be a result of dental issues? If you…

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What to Expect with Your Child’s Orthodontic Expander

The orthodontic expander is one of the most common orthodontic devices used in children and preteens. The contraption spreads over the roof of the mouth and attaches to the patient’s teeth with…

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The Early History of Orthodontic Treatment

If you have been wondering when dental braces started, then you’re about to find out in this article. Read further and learn about the early beginnings of how beautiful smiles happen through…

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Digital Technology and Orthodontics

Advances in digital technology have allowed orthodontics to remain effective – yet has made it more comfortable and less time-consuming. Increase in consumer demands, as well as demands in terms of aesthetics,…

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