second time bracesAfter years of having braces, you might think everything is over. You already have the perfect smile. But second time braces are definitely possible.

There are cases wherein the same patient has undergone two orthodontic treatments in his/her life. If you wish to go through the same process, you can. But it’s always best you consult with your dentist first.

Why You Might Need Second Time Braces

There’s only one reason why you might need braces for the second time around. It is because your teeth have shifted back to its original position. After years of getting that amazing smile, your teeth might have become crooked once again.

This happens for different reasons.

Quick Treatment

The first reason is that you might have had a quick treatment. This means you weren’t able to complete the normal course of two to three years of braces.

Not Wearing Retainers

After your orthodontic treatment, you should wear retainers. This is to ensure your teeth doesn’t shift back to its original position.

Retainers are removable and you only need to wear them at certain hours of the day. But it’s best that you follow your dentist’s recommendation. Don’t stop using it unless you’re told to do so.

Bad Habits

Bad habits can also cause crookedness once again. Bruxism or chronic teeth grinding is one of the main causes of misalignment. Developing bruxism after your first orthodontic treatment may lead to second time braces.


The type of braces and duration depends on the severity of your case. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your dentist if you feel you need second time braces.