band and loop appliance Your child’s teeth are very important as the proper oral hygiene and care can prevent oral health problems and eliminate unnecessary procedures. As children begin to lose their baby or primary teeth, it is important to schedule regular visit with your child’s dentist to ensure that there are no problems as their secondary or permanent teeth begin to come in.

Appliances and spacers become very important during this time as primary teeth can prematurely fall out. A band and loop appliance serves a very important function, as it reserves the space in your child’s mouth until their permanent teeth come in. Permanent teeth that come in when no space is available can cause serious issues in your child’s mouth.

How does a band and loop appliance work?

Generally, a band and loop is placed on a tooth adjacent to the missing tooth space. This reserves the space for the permanent molar to come in. Reserving the space prevents crowding and misalignment of teeth.

What types of foods should my child avoid?

As with all appliances, your child should avoid hard, sticky and crunchy food. This can damage the appliance and can add to unnecessary repair, time, and cost.

An orthodontist can determine if an appliance like the band and loop appliance is appropriate for your child. An orthodontist can also develop an orthodontic treatment plan that is appropriate for your child.