teeth whitening after bracesAfter achieving the attractive smile you have always wanted, what comes next? You may be feeling self-conscious about the uneven color of your teeth caused by months or years of wearing your braces. There’s no need to be stressed about it because having a teeth whitening procedure done after having your braces removed is an option.

Before going to your dentist or orthodontist for teeth whitening, consider using whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide as one of the ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide will help remove stains and whiten the color of your precious teeth. Just brush your teeth consistently with your chosen toothpaste and you will notice that it will yield results after weeks of doing so. Patience is key.

If you want to opt for a faster teeth whitening procedure, you may visit your dentist. Your dentist will apply a peroxide-based gel on the surface of your teeth, and also apply protection to your gums, before casting a light that will speed up the whitening effect. You may see results in as fast as 20 -60 minutes, but it is advisable to have more than one session for maximum benefits. For better results, you can couple it with the use of whitening toothpaste. Just ask your dentist for teeth whitening friendly products.

It can also help if you avoid highly-pigmented food for a while as well as beverages like coffee and red wine. Smoking should be stopped or minimized as well so that the teeth whitening procedure will not be put to waste.

Getting your braces finally removed is one of the most rewarding experiences and worries about stains can easily be solved. Just stick to the cleansing routine recommended by your dentist and feel free to go for teeth whitening procedures as it is proven to be safe.