The common causes of tooth loss include injury and illness, but sometimes can be due to poor oral health. Thankfully, we live in a time where technology and innovation have allowed us to replace the missing tooth.

Here are some of the most popular and preferred options for replacing missing teeth.

1 – Temporary Denture

Also called a flipper, this offers a short-term solution to a missing tooth. It is called such because you can flip it in and out easily. It is often used while waiting for a future, more permanent restoration procedure. The surrounding teeth stay intact with a flipper.

2 – Partial Denture

This can be used to replace one or two lost teeth and is removable. It is usually worn during the day and then taken out before bedtime and soaked into a cleaning solution. It will need metal clasps to stay on and these might be visible when you speak or smile.

3 – Bridge

This is applied if the gap of a missing tooth is between two good teeth. It is a fixed solution that is cemented into one of the teeth to create a more permanent fixture. The good tooth is cut down and that is where the bridge will be attached. It can replace one or two teeth, sometimes more if there is ample support.

4 – Dental Implant

This is a permanent procedure that will you feeling like you have a new natural tooth. The implant takes the place of the actual root and heals into the bone. The process takes a few months to be completed but the benefits are long term. However, it can be expensive.

Of course, having a missing tooth doesn’t always mean that you have to replace it. Sometimes, the best option is to do nothing, especially if it’s not really a bother. The density of one’s jawbone deteriorates the longer it takes you get a replacement.