Braces can help fix your smile. It can work against crookedness, gaps, and bite problems. But are braces after dental implants possible?

What Are Dental Implants?

braces after dental implantDental implants are tooth replacements. These include a small post made from titanium which is attached to the crown. The titanium post is inserted surgically to the jaw and acts as the root substitute.

The crown is made to look exactly like your teeth. It also functions like your own.

But once dental implants are in place, they can’t be moved. So, will braces work?

Braces After Dental Implants

Getting braces right after dental implants is possible. But it will not work on the implant itself as it’s infused directly on your jaw. What the brace does is move around the surrounding teeth.

The implants can, however, be used as an anchor for bite problems. It’s a sturdy point which can help push either the lower or upper jaw. You can guarantee it will not accidentally shift because of the braces.

If you have more than one dental implant, you can opt for an Invisalign. But traditional braces still work if you wish to have it.

Getting Braces

Getting an x-ray is a part of getting braces. It will show the implant but it’s best that you tell your dentist about it upfront. This can help them come up with the best treatment for your case.


Braces after dental implants are not always mutually exclusive. But it can work on your natural teeth. That said, you can also have braces with crowns and veneers.