Dental implants and braces don’t necessarily go together. But it’s possible for both to exist on the same treatment plan. But will you need braces before dental implants or after getting the latter?

Do You Need Braces Before Dental Implants?

dental implantsIn most cases, you may need to get braces before you have your dental implants. One reason why is that dental implants can’t be moved. The titanium post is surgically affixed to your jaw making it impossible to move.

Another reason is that missing out on dental implants can cause your teeth to shift. Your remaining teeth will shift to take the place of your missing tooth. In the end, you’ll have no place for your dental implant.

Braces can help fix your teeth’s positioning for the implant.

Once you have lost a tooth and you’re in need of braces, update your orthodontist. They can work together with an oral surgeon to create the best treatment plan for you.

You can get braces before or after dental implants based on their plan.


If you’re getting orthodontic treatment, the duration will vary. It can take months to years until your alignment or bite problems are fixed. This often depends on the severity of the case.

Dental implants, on the other hand, will only take hours. But the healing period can take a few weeks. By the time the wound heals, the crown will be placed.


Braces before dental implants are actually the more common routine. It can be a really long procedure to get the best smile. But all will be worth it.