thumb suckingIf you are a parent, this is probably one of your biggest concerns. Thumb sucking is common in children. This habit starts when kids are still in the age of infancy. In fact, newborn babies can already suck their thumbs, as this is a normal newborn reflex. While thumb sucking is considered an “appropriate and useful behavior for very young children”—allowing children to calm and amuse themselves—it could also cause dental problems when kids continue to do this beyond the age of five. The first solution that probably comes to mind at first notice is the use of dental braces.

Dental Problems Caused by Thumb Sucking

If your child persists on thumb sucking when permanent teeth start growing, this habit may cause problems with the proper development of the mouth and position of the teeth. Moreover, the following forms of “bad bites” (malocclusions) may occur:

Anterior open bite – the upper and lower posterior teeth touch when the patient bites down but the anterior teeth do not close
Posterior crossbite – the top back teeth bite down inside the bottom back teeth
Anterior excessive overjet
Crooked or protruding teeth – this is most common cause why patients want to wear dental braces

Orthodontic Solution

Dental braces are an excellent treatment for bad bites and crooked teeth caused by thumb sucking. However, there are also other options to correct dental problems. Each treatment depends on your child’s dental needs. If you think your child has a bite problem, talk to our orthodontists. Our consultation is free today.