Having braces entails being extra mindful of your oral hygiene. Because you have introduced a foreign and semi-fixed body into your mouth, you want to ensure that your braces have a healthy relationship with the rest of your mouth. The level of care has two phases. First, you should ensure that your teeth and gums are shielded from decay, disease, staining, and injury. Second, you must be careful not to ruin the integrity of the braces themselves so that they do not get dislodged, repositioned, or broken unnecessarily.

Here are the top ways to make sure that you and your braces live together harmoniously.

Brush Regularly

Food trapped in your braces is similar to having food trapped in between your teeth (and can even be worse). It invites the reproduction of germs which eventually lead to gum disease and foul breath. Cleaning using a soft-bristled brush after every meal removes debris from wires, brackets, and teeth. It is recommended that you get an orthodontic toothbrush in place of a regular brush, which has V-shaped bristles specially designed to reach those crevices and fit around the bars.

Floss Consistently

Daily flossing is even more important when you have braces. If getting under those bars and wires is a challenge, you can get stiff-tipped flosses designed for braces. Otherwise, using a threader with a regular floss will suffice. If your budget allows, an oral irrigator is both fast and handy. The stream of water that comes out of it is strong enough to wash off food debris and plaque. Whatever method you choose, commit to flossing at least once a day.

Show Up For Your Dental Appointments

Your orthodontist gives you a schedule for your next visit for a very good reason, so you must make sure that you stick to your visits. During checkups, your dentist will verify the integrity of your braces, see if anything needs readjustment or tightening, and conduct cleanings where necessary. Some orthodontists prefer to remove the wires before a cleaning session while others are comfortable with leaving them on.