hygiene tips for wearing bracesBecause braces are not naturally part of your mouth, you have to be extra mindful of hygiene habits to ensure optimal oral health. In addition, braces are a major investment both financially and physically. You will need to follow your orthodontist’s care plan to ensure you don’t have problems with your teeth and gums in the long run.

Here are three non-negotiable hygiene tips for wearing braces.

1 – Brush and floss daily.

Because you have an appliance in your mouth, you should be meticulous about flossing and brushing. Food will, no doubt, get stuck in the wires and will not be removed by regular brushing alone. It is recommended that you follow up with floss at least once daily and use an inter-dental brush to clean.

2 – Avoid high-acid foods.

Acidic food and drinks such as soda, tomatoes, and pineapple can erode your teeth’s enamel. In addition, avoid really crunchy and hard food because they can damage your braces. Preferred foods for braces include low-acid types such as cucumbers, bananas, and yogurt.

3 – Follow your orthodontist’s cleaning plan.

Show up for all your orthodontic appointments and cleaning sessions, and follow your orthodontist’s instructions for self-care in between appointments.