cleaning bracesWhile wearing braces, normal brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough to keep your mouth as clean as it should be. Braces have many sections and good dental hygiene is important to avoid unnecessary problems. With braces, it is crucial to clean your teeth before and after eating. If you can’t brush your teeth at the moment, then use a mouth wash or floss  taking care to remove elastic bands before brushing or flossing. Here are some of the best products to help you with cleaning braces:

Floss Threader

This plastic threader has a loop where you place a string of floss and a stiff point that you put between your teeth at the gum line. Pull the threader all the way through so it places the floss correctly so it is ready to use.


This type of floss refers to a pre-cut string of floss with a plastic threader on the end. This type of floss doesn’t require making a loop which makes it more convenient to use. It also comes with a spongy component for cleaning broader spaces and regular floss for small spaces.

Gum Soft-Picks

These are made of soft, versatile rubble bristles which have a tapered design that fits better into adjoining spaces created by the orthodontic materials.

Water Flossers

Water flossers don’t need traditional floss at all. These devices use water to remove food residues and plaque from the teeth and gums. This method is more efficient that using regular floss and also massages the gum lines.

Electric Toothbrush with Ortho Brush Heads

An electric toothbrush with a circular ortho brush is developed for cleaning braces gently but efficiently. Typical toothbrushes can be too rough on the delicate parts of the braces. Using an ortho brush can safely clean the gum line, brackets and wires in circular motion and can also benefit your gum health.

Orthodontic Relief Wax

These are specially made waxes that create a barrier between the braces and lips. The wax is made of a clear, medical-grade paraffin that covers the sharp edges of the brackets and wires which keeps the mouth more comfortable as you adjust to your new braces.