Unfortunately, not everyone has grown with all of their teeth intact. A huge percent of the population has permanently lost a tooth or two. For these folks, would getting braces with missing teeth be possible?

Why Braces Are Important

missing teethBraces are the most common appliance orthodontists use to fix your smile. Once you have braces in place, it can fix crooked teeth, overcrowding, and gaps. It can also help with bite problems including overbites and underbites.

This treatment can help shift the teeth or jaw. That’s why many people overthink the effect of braces when they have lost teeth.

Will it shift your teeth differently and cause more problems? Or will it be harder to move because of the missing anchor?

Braces With Missing Teeth

Braces are entirely okay when you have missing teeth. In fact, you may need this orthodontic treatment to ensure your smile stays great.

The longer you have missing tooth the more your other teeth shift toward that gap. You can get dental implants if you wish. This avoids the gap and the shifting of your teeth.

But know that dental implants can’t be moved. The titanium posts are embedded on your jaw. When you get braces, it can only move your natural teeth. Dental implants tend to become anchors.

That’s why the most common routine is to get braces first with your missing teeth. When your teeth are fixed, that’s the time you get implants.


To ensure you’re viable of getting braces, visit your orthodontist today. They can say if you can get braces with missing teeth. Or if you need a different kind of treatment plan.