gaps between teethDo you know anyone with gaps between the teeth? Perhaps you have them too. Those familiar gaps are actually called diastema—a type of dental condition that can be corrected with braces. Some people find the tooth gap endearing, but it probably bothers you.

How Did The Gaps Occur?

The gaps or spaces between the two teeth—usually between the two upper front teeth—develop for various reasons:

  • the size of the jaw bones and the size of the teeth do not match
  • some teeth are missing or undersized
  • oversized labial frenum—the piece of tissue that usually reaches from the inside of your upper lip to the gum, above your two upper front teeth
  • odd habits—thumb sucking, incorrect swallowing reflex
  • genes
  • gum disease

Treatment Options

Diastema may or may not be necessarily treated, depending on the reasons behind the growth of the spaces. In fact, many personalities chose to leave the gap alone, thinking they add character to their faces. However, if the underlying cause makes you anxious—for example, a gum disease or an irregular jawline—you should seek proper orthodontic treatments immediately. If your goal is simply to close the gap between the teeth, your best option is to wear braces. Check our patients’ before and after photo to see amazing results.

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