obstructive sleep apneaAre you having bedtime troubles? You might want to visit your orthodontist and get yourself screened.

We all know that a night of good sleep is very important to keep our health in excellent condition. If counting sheep, drinking warm milk, and meditating fail to give you a proper slumber, you may be suffering from sleep apnea and its other forms. Our Portland orthodontist can help you today.

Commons Sleep Problems

  • Mouth breathing – anyone (even children) can develop a habit of breathing through the mouth instead of breathing through the nose
  • Teeth grinding (sleep bruxism) – a condition where you clench or grit your teeth during sleep and—unconsciously—when awake
  • TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder)
  • Obstructive sleep apnea

How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help You

Orthodontists specialize in treating bad bites and irregularities in jawline—which are common causes of sleep problems. They can prescribe the use of a dental appliance (similar to a mouthpiece), which is an excellent method for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea. They can also advise patients to wear a retainer or guard at night, which also aids in teeth grinding. Read this page to discover how orthodontic treatments work.

Free Consultation

One satisfied forty-year-old patient, Markus, sent us an email, saying, “My wife said I stopped my loud snoring ever since I was given this dental guard. My sleep has radically improved!”

If you want to solve your sleep problems, you should consider getting orthodontic treatment. Don’t wait for another sleepless night. Get an appointment today!