perfect time to get braces

Summer is a great time for children to start braces, because they will likely have more time to come in for appointments. The first few appointments, during which braces are fitted, will be slightly longer appointments, so it’s best to get them out of the way before school resumes. Once school resumes, you can schedule faster, more routine check-ups that won’t take as much time.

Be aware that some children take a bit of time to adjust to braces, although new orthodontic technologies minimize most of the physical discomfort. There is also a bit of an adjustment period where youngsters need to get used to eating with braces on and learn appropriate cleaning techniques.

Becoming familiar with these aspects at home and under adult supervision will be a big help to kids. Children will be able to experiment with soft foods and slowly move to harder foods after braces are installed, and by the time school is back in session, they will see their braces as more of a natural extension of themselves and less of a hindrance.

Perfect Time to Get Braces

Do note that the best time to complete orthodontic treatment is during a child’s maximum growth rate. Studies have shown that the greatest growth spurts occur during the long days of summer. Whatever the reason, it’s better to get braces on as early as possible to ensure your child’s teeth move into their desired positions while they are still growing. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children to receive an initial evaluation after they reach the age of seven.