Benefits Of Straight TeethThere are plenty of advantages to having straight teeth beyond having a picture-perfect smile. Sure, having properly aligned pearly whites work wonders on one’s self-esteem and confidence. Straight teeth are not just visually attractive, but they are also good for your overall health.

Straight Teeth Prevent Tooth and Gum Problems

Because they are easier to clean, straight teeth reduce your chances of developing periodontal problems. Debris that remain in the crevices trigger bacterial growth and eventually lead to infection. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and with poor hygiene habits, you may experience inflammation, damage, and tooth loss.

An Aligned Bite Reduces Stress On The Jaw

Straight teeth decrease your risk of jaw problems. When your teeth are crooked or if you have a bad bite, the temporomandibular joints are compromised and irritated whenever you chew, talk, or do anything that involves opening and closing your mouth. At first you will experience mild pain, which can escalate into severe headaches. This is why orthodontists often recommend having braces installed.

Straight Teeth Stay On Longer

Because straight teeth are not exposed to pressure and are cleaned better, they naturally become healthier — and healthy teeth stay on the gum longer. With crookedness, your teeth become more exposed to wear and start to weaken.

The health benefits of having straight teeth are undeniable. This is the reason why investing in braces and alignment procedures is well worth it.