orthodontics tips

Once your braces are fitted, you need to adjust your diet to get the best out of your treatment and avoid broken brackets or wires, and of course, to avoid cavities. While you should focus on avoiding sticky, hard foods, sodas are often overlooked and are a prime cause of dental problems that can trigger plaque buildup and acid attacks on enamel, that may cause tooth decay.

Orthodontics Tips to Keep Your Teeth Cavity Free


Reducing or eliminating soda altogether is a good move for many reasons. Sodas have a high sugar content that creates acid in the mouth that attack young teeth in particular, because the enamel is not fully developed yet. Most soft drinks contain phosphoric acid and citric acid that soften enamel and promote decay.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee is known to stain teeth. If you are wearing braces, you are more likely to stain your teeth, which will require additional treatment after braces removal because of the difference in color where the braces used to be.

Even then coffee is also a cause for bad breath. People wearing braces are more prone to bad breath because of the food stuck in their mouth. That is why it is always important to clean your teeth by brushing or flossing after every meal.

Energy Drinks That Have Sugar

Even if the label says sugar-free, there are still artificial sweeteners and food additives in energy drinks that can cause bacterial growth and tooth decay in your teeth. It is best to just drink water and exercise if you need a boost in energy.

As with most food, check the nutritional levels to keep track of the sugar content, and to stay healthy and protect your investment in orthodontal work.