Retaining a Straight SmilePerhaps one of the most satisfied moments for any brace wearer is the moment when your braces are taken off. It is also the beginning of the next phase of your orthodontic life which is retention. Getting your retainer is one of the most crucial periods of a patient’s treatment plan in keeping that perfect straight smile. Here are some ways to maintain that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of:

Wear Retainers

After getting your braces off, it is time to adopt a new habit. Your dentist will instruct you when you should wear your retainers. After an initial period of adjustment, you’ll be able to wear retainers at nighttime only. Clean your retainers cautiously and regularly to keep them in great condition.

Take Excellent Care of Your Teeth

The biggest factor causing tooth misalignment is tooth loss. When you lose a tooth, the nearby teeth drift into the empty space that has been left behind. This creates chaos for your smile and leaves you uncomfortable and with imperfect bites. Taking care of your teeth is the easiest way to safeguard your teeth and keep them strongly attached in your jaw.

Watch for Moving Teeth

Monitoring your teeth is the first defense against dental issues. When you feel that something is wrong, call your dentist or tooth specialist to schedule a checkup immediately. Shifting or moving teeth can be a symptom of a larger problem, and one that should be taken care right away.

Return into the Chair

As part of your regular teeth care, you will need to make regular appointments to check that your braces or retainers still fit and that your teeth have no problems. If you don’t follow your doctor’s recommendations, you could be back in the chair for longer times or may need additional orthodontic treatment.

If you follow these tips, your smile will remain straight, bright and charming just as you want it to be.