The first phase of the two-phase orthodontics treatment plan starts when the patient is still young. Normally, phase one orthodontics starts at around seven to 11 years old. Then, there’s usually a resting period before the second phase begins.

Why Start Young?

For some, it’s a little shocking to begin orthodontic treatment at a young age. After all, seven-year-old kids still have some of their baby teeth. Treatment at a young age can help ensure the jaw is prepared for incoming adult teeth.

What To Expect With Phase One Orthodontic Treatment

phase one orthodonticsPhase one normally lasts from 12 to 18 months. Braces may be used – but not all the time. But it’s possible to use a mixture of appliances to prep the jaw and fix other issues.

For example, a brace plus a removable retainer may be used for the permanent teeth. Expanders may also be used. This appliance is used to help expand the child’s jaw and make way for new teeth.

Braces are often used when the front teeth stick out farther. It can also help with overcrowding and crookedness. Even bite problems such as underbite and overbite can be resolved.

Phase one provides a great foundation for your child’s permanent teeth.

Resting Phase

Right after 12 to 18 months of phase one, a retainer will be used until phase two is required. This is known as the resting phase. Permanent teeth are allowed to grow for the second phase.


Phase one orthodontics is carried out by an expert orthodontist in Portland, OR. There will be tests done before the treatment commences