orthodontics for children

Orthodontics For Children

It may be hard getting your child accustomed to the idea of braces. We’ve collected our top tips on how you can make wearing braces fun for your child.

  1. Color them! Most children love colors and they will be excited to know that they can choose the color of their braces. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, and they can change the color with each orthodontic visit.
  2. Show them famous people who wear braces. There are a lot of singers, actors, and athletes who wear braces, or who wore them as a child. If your child knows this, he or she might feel more comfortable wearing braces and find them fun.
  3. Tell them how important braces are. If you tell them how much their braces are doing for them, hopefully they will feel more comfortable and happier wearing them. Show them before and after pictures of people who have had braces, and show videos on how braces can fix their dental issues.
  4. Bring them somewhere fun every time they visit the orthodontist. Take them to the park, the movies, or for a scoop of ice cream! This will remove the fear of going to the orthodontist. As a matter of fact, this can even make them look forward to their appointment.