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Which Rubber Band Colors Look Good For Your Braces?

If your braces use bands, you will get the exciting opportunity of choosing colors for them. This, though fun, can be difficult because there are many colors to choose from; your orthodontist will most likely have a range of color samples. We want you to choose wisely, so we have put together a list of tips and ideas to help you make your choice for braces rubber bands.

  • Darker colors might make your teeth look whiter, and lighter colors may make your teeth look slightly yellow.
  • Choose colors that complement your eyes!
  • Choosing black may make your teeth seem as if they are rotting, or it may look as if you have food stuck in your mouth. Choosing white may make your teeth look yellow and white also tends to stain easily.
  • If you really love colors, you can choose different colors for the top and bottom and find colors that complement each other nicely.
  • You can choose colors that highlight the color of the clothes and accessories you wear most often.
  • You can ask your orthodontist to recommend a color that will match your natural enamel color.

Remember that you can change the colors of your braces each time you visit your orthodontist, so have fun and get creative!