orthodontic evaluationOrthodontists help prevent and treat problems in the jaw and correct crooked teeth that are the result of genetics or emerge in accordance with a child’s habits. The best way to treat orthodontic issues is to have your child assessed by an orthodontist as early as seven years old. Orthodontists are well trained to identify tooth and jaw abnormalities and growth. While the untrained eye might not see these irregularities, an orthodontic evaluation can provide an early diagnosis of teeth and mouth problems.

Common Orthodontic Problems for Children

Children can experience a variety of issues including overcrowding, jaw growth problems, protruding teeth, and teeth that are too widely separated. While some irregularities are inherited, The majority of orthodontic irregularities are caused by improper nutrition, dental hygiene issues, medical problems such as birth defects, habits such as finger sucking, breathing through the mouth, and loss of baby teeth.

How can an Orthodontist help?

An orthodontist can take a few approaches when treating children. In some situations, irregularities are closely checked and are addressed at a scheduled date. The perfect time to start treatment changes with each child and is based on their diagnosis. Early treatment is advantageous in order to decrease the amount of treatment, shorten the duration of treatment, and prevent more complicated illnesses from emerging. Through early detection, an orthodontist can identify and help stop poor habits to ultimately improve the confidence of the child, guide the development of the jawbone and lessen the possibility of injury due to protruding teeth.

Orthodontic Exam by Age 7

The development from baby teeth to permanent teeth is extremely vital. Baby teeth set the foundation for permanent teeth in their correct positions. This is why it is crucial to have your orthodontist assess your child’s mouth while they still have baby teeth. Your child’s teeth may look straight for now but there may be hidden bite problems that will eventually emerge as they grow and develop their permanent teeth.

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