ceramic premolar crownsMany patients believe that once they have had teeth restorations, they can’t get braces. That’s why it’s common for people to ask if they can get braces with fillings or dental crowns.

But it’s no problem. You’re not exempted for braces even when you have dental crowns or fillings. These restorative treatments will not get in the way. And it’s thanks to modern technology and advanced treatments.

Braces With Dental Fillings Or Crowns

Patients tend to ask if either the fillings or the crowns will get damaged due to the braces.

As much as possible, your orthodontist will try not to attach brackets to fillings or crowns. If the case is not severe, you can get clear braces. These are plastic trays that are customized to fit you.


Every month, you get a clear plastic tray based on how your teeth have shifted. This is a removable appliance and you can take it off when eating or brushing. Since it does not have any adhesive, your crown or filling will be safe.

Will Braces Affect Your Crown Or Filling?

For traditional braces, orthodontists have to ensure your fillings or crowns are in good condition. If they’re in great shape, they won’t get damaged. Plus, experts have a precise way of putting your braces.

A different adhesive will be used when placing the brackets on the crown or filled tooth.

After Braces

Another question patients have is if they need to replace the dental crown or filling after braces. This can depend on the condition of these restorative treatments. If it’s still in top shape, there’s no need to replace them.

In general, braces with fillings or crowns will work well.