orthodontics for speech problem

Simply put, it depends. Orthodontists can fix speech impediments that are caused from the misalignment or malocclusion of teeth. Our teeth are not just for eating, or providing us with that perfect smile; they are also one of our major articulators and help in the production of sound.

Orthodontic Treatment for Speech Problems

There are certain impediments that can be fixed at the orthodontist’s office. If you are suffering from a lisp, whistle when you pronounce certain sounds, mumble a lot, slur, or mispronounce words containing ‘s’ or ‘t’ and other consonants, then you may have a speech impediment that requires an orthodontist.

All of the impediments noted above are usually caused by either too much space between the teeth, overcrowding, not having enough space in the mouth, having an underbite, or having a cross bite. An orthodontist will fix this by properly diagnosing the issue to see what needs to be adjusted. Speech impediments involving the teeth can usually be remedied with braces or Invisalign, either alone, or depending on the condition, in conjunction with other equipment. In extreme cases, surgical procedures may be required.

Orthodontists are extremely important as they not only give us great smiles, but they can also improve our speech. Even though they cannot fix all speech impediments, they can remedy some of the most common ones. The advantages of visiting your orthodontist are many, as they provide life-changing opportunities that can make you function better in your social, intimate, and professional relationships. You don’t only get the perfect smile, but you sound good too!